Release Date : 12.21.2023 Specification: Era-20 Burn format

from: deployer wallet 
to: deployer wallet 

interface Burn {
   p: string;
   op: string;
   tick: string;
   amt: int;
//Example :
   "p": "era-20",
   "op": "burn",
   "tick": "token",
   "amt": "1000000"

To burn some token, the wallet must create an inscription transaction in accordance with the Burn interface when sending (can be zero) Ethereum to itself.

The amount to be burned must be less than the max value in the deploy inscription code and greater than the number of minted tokens. Otherwise the operation fails.

// Types
"p" => Protocol
"op" => Operation
"tick" => Token Ticker
"amt" => Burn Amount

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