Release Date : 12.21.2023 Specification: Era-20 Deployment format

from: deployer wallet 
to: deployer wallet  
value: service fee

interface Deploy {
   p: string;
   op: string;
   tick: string;
   max: integer;
   lim: int;
// Example :
   "p": "era-20",
   "op": "deploy",
   "tick": "tokenname",
   "max": "10000000",
   "lim": "100",

To deploy a new token, the wallet must create an inscription transaction in accordance with the Deploy interface when sending Ethereum to itself.

The amount sent (value) determines the service fee to be sent when minting the token. Transactions that do not follow this format will be considered failed.

// Types
"p" => Protocol
"op" => Operation
"tick" => Token Ticker
"max" => Maximum Supply
"lim" => Mint Limit per Transaction

*Important : If 2 deploy inscriptions are created with the same tick name, the first one written to the blockchain will be valid.

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