Release Date : 12.21.2023 Specification: Era-20 Buy format

from: your wallet 
to: seller wallet 
value: sell price

interface Buy{
   p: string;
   op: string;
   tx: string;

//Example :
   "p": "era-20",
   "op": "buy",
   "tx": "7c0815f5b366e3d254fd9dfedf791e937512cd706bb8cf94f732c2616ebd8386",

To list a token, the wallet must create an inscription transaction in accordance with the Buy interface .

The amount sent (value) must be higher or equal to the price in the List inscripton code. Otherwise the transaction is considered failed.

In order for the protocol to work in a decentralized and free manner, the data is stored entirely on the blockchain. In buy operations, it is necessary to check whether a buy has been made before. If more than one buy operator is triggered for the same listing, the first incoming record is accepted. The values sent in subsequent requests cannot be reversed.

// Types
"p" => Protocol
"op" => Operation
"tx" => List Transaction Id

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