Welcome to BigInt

zkSync's Leading NFT Marketplace

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the boundaries of the classical marketplace definition and create a dynamic platform that brings together artists, collectors and art lovers; and also to provide our users with a social Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) platform where they can comment, share ideas and interact within the community about markets, projects and digital assets they hold.

Community-Driven NFT Marketplace

As the Web3 ecosystem evolves, the importance of decentralized platforms is rapidly increasing. Dozens of NFT marketplaces that emerged in this context, lagging behind the development speed of the Web3 ecosystem, have become repetitive and unable to meet the needs of users.

Here, BigInt aims to fill a huge gap in the ecosystem by enabling its users to interact with the marketplace. We set out with the motto "Just For Community", and our aim is to create a Community-Driven NFT Marketplace. With BigInt, users will not only be able to trade NFTs, but they will also have a social NFT platform where they can interact with other users to discover new projects, exchange ideas, share current developments in the art world with each other, and establish an sustainable and efficient connection with the marketplace with their own "handle".

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