Welcome to BigInt

zkSync's Leading NFT Incubator and Marketplace

Our Mission

BigInt's mission is to empower digital artists and creators by simplifying the incubation, creation, and trading of NFTs and meme tokens through innovative blockchain solutions. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive incubation program that nurtures emerging talent and equips them with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to succeed in the dynamic NFT marketplace. We are dedicated to fostering a community where collaboration and creativity lead to the development of valuable digital assets. By facilitating these connections and providing a supportive ecosystem, BigInt aims to make the blockchain space accessible and profitable for creators and investors alike, ultimately driving the broader adoption and appreciation of digital assets in various sectors.

NFT & Meme Incubator

Bigint NFT and Meme Incubator is a comprehensive platform designed to support digital artists and creators in developing and launching their NFT and meme token projects. This incubator provides extensive support including mentorship, technical assistance, marketing strategies, and networking opportunities to help these early-stage projects grow successfully.

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